Dual enrollment is very accessible and there are many options for entry. To see a complete list of most up-to-date requirements, view the latest Academic Policy here.

Academic Courses

Technical Courses

Technical Courses

How to apply?

Applications should be submitted through the institution that is offered. Please refer to useful college links to find out specific application guidelines and dates by institution.

*Tip: Speak with your counselor and/or dual enrollment coordinator to answer any questions about applications.

Articulation Matrix

Dual enrollment courses taken at any public postsecondary institution in Louisiana will transfer with each other. If you are interested in taking dual enrollment to transfer to a private or out of state institution, you will need to contact that campus to determine transferability of your courses. Otherwise, you can look to the Louisiana Board of Regents for useful information about transferable credits. One particularly helpful resource is The Master Course Articulation Matrix.

The Articulation Matrix is a crosswalk of general education courses that transfer between all public institutions in Louisiana. For example, if a student took dual enrollment courses through Baton Rouge Community College and wishes to transfer those to Southeastern, the Matrix will provide a listing of how the courses will transfer. The Board of Regents also provides a guide to help navigate the Matrix.

The Articulation Matrix is a useful tool for dual enrollment students. Students can know ahead of time how their courses will transfer to other postsecondary institutions. This allows high school students to take dual enrollment courses at a campus in close proximity to their high school, while allowing the credits to count towards other post-secondary choices.

Lastly, the Louisiana Statewide Common Course Catalog provides course rubrics, numbers and course descriptions for all courses listed in the matrix to help students find the most beficial course for their future.

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