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Information for Dual Enrollment Coordinators

We ask that you upload your course template for the academic year in which they occur by August. So, if a course occurs in Fall 2024 or Spring 2025 or is offered year-round in 2025, you would include that course on your August 2024 upload.
Perhaps you’ve completed your course import template and now you see some errors as your upload. Here are some ways to avoid and resolve this. First, to avoid this issue you will see that within the course import template there are instructions for how to format your data. Second, to resolve this when it occurs, you hopefully are able to correct the document errors within the upload process by clicking into the field with the error and fixing it. If you noticed these points and are still having any difficulty, we’d like to help right away, so please contact us at dualenrollment@laregents.edu or call us at (225) 342-4253.
The information required in your course upload template includes general information from your course catalog, information students and counselors need in order to make decisions on applications, and information students and counselors need to be able to search for your course based on their preferences. Here are some examples of the types of information required about your courses:
  • Course title
  • Course description
  • Course modality (online, in-person, hybrid, or many options)
  • Pre-requisites
  • Cost
  • Course codes
  • Credits
  • Semesters offered
Here is a step-by-step list for how to upload your courses so that students in Louisiana can access accurate and current information about your institution’s courses.
  1. Go to the DE Coordinator’s page on this website.
  2. Download the import template.
  3. Use the instructions in the import template to enter in your course data. Please take note of what fields are required to speed up your process. To avoid your upload being rejected, please carefully enter information in the formats requested.
  4. Return to the DE Coordinator’s page on this site and click Upload to attach your course template.
  5. Use the username and password provided to you by the Louisiana Board of Regents to upload the course template.
  6. If your upload discovers errors, you may correct them during that upload process (for example, if a required field is blank).
If you have any questions along any of these steps, please contact dualenrollment@laregents.edu or call us at (225) 342-4253.

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